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Managing Plantar Fascitis

About 18 months ago I started with a dull pain in my left heel, by December 2021 I could barely stand on both feet, bare on the ground.

Just a few weeks ago I managed a double marathon weekend across the Cotswold Way.

Me in Northumberland, Photo by Walks with Kerry

I have spoken to so many people who struggle with Plantar Fasciitis who have 'I feel' have wrongly accepted that this is their fate and the pain is just something they are stuck with.

As mine spread to both feet and started to hinder even the smallest of walks this wasn't something that was going to sit very well with me!

Things I tried

Google - well who doesn't start here!




Sports Massage




Massage gun

Foam rolling

Insoles from cheap to pricey

New shoes

Things I was starting to consider ( and note these are not cheap)

Bespoke insoles

Private appointments with specialists

Private shock wave therapy

The 'private' consideration is due to the NHS still struggling with the effects of Covid etc and I knew this was never going to be a priority, however much it was to me.

Things that worked

Yoga / Pilates

This has honestly changed eveything, not just for my plantar fasciitis, but my generally health, wellbeing and strength. I have recently sustained a knee injury and again these exercises are coming to the rescue and I believe shortening my recovery time

A small spiky massage ball

I use this to carry out a fasciitis release massage on my feet and its essential for general maintenance and for extended use after very long walks


This is not cheap by any means but it really does help with times when the pain is particularly bad.


I don't compromise on footwear anymore. From simple summer sandals to winter boots its always function over fashion. They need to fit properly and support where needed.

And last but no means least

A really good rehab physio

I have realised this is a price worth paying to have this on a regular basis. As I extend into middle age, my need to keep active and out in the hills means that I can't compromise on proper regular support.


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