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Booking Terms & Conditions

Please take the time to read through these booking terms and conditions before making any booking 

Any questions please contact me directly 

On booking

Once you have made a booking you will receive a confirmation email within 48 hours confirming your booking and advising you of any further information essential to your chosen activity

Please consider your fitness levels carefully and that you are capable of completing the activity you have booked

My obligation

I am a qualified Mountain Training Lowland Leader and have passed the appropriate course to lead groups in a Lowland Environment.  To find out more about what type of terrain that covers please visit

I carry appropriate public liability insurance and complete appropriate risk assessments prior to any activity 

I ensure I complete relevant professional CPD and keep up to date with appropriate industry related guidance

You are welcome to view any of my professional certificates on request

On the day

Whilst walking is a low risk sport the environment can be challenging so please bear this in mind


I have completed appropriate First Aid training for the environment (16 hour outdoor)


As an Adult there is still an obligation for you

To take sensible precautions for your own safety

Heed any safety instructions I might provide you with

Arrive with appropriate kit for the day

Declare any new or ongoing medical needs that may impact on your ability to take part in the day.

Due to the other factors involved such as weather, timings are important.  Also if you are part of a group booking any delay may impact on other group members enjoyment.  Therefore, I ask that participants arrive on time and I cannot guarantee that I can delay the activity for late arrivals.  There will be no refunds or rebooking for late arrivals unless agreed between both parties.

Before starting the activity you will receive a briefing and reminded of the personal equipment required


Up to 30 days before the booked activity you will receive a full refund for any cancellations (unless specifically advertised otherwise).

After 30 days before the activity any refunds will be at my discretion

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